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TOS Review: Download N Go Expedition Australia

Expedition Australia is one study in the Download N Go Series by Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse.  It is designed to be used over one weeks’ time and was written for children from K – 4th grade.  The E-Book sells for 7.95 at The Old Schoolhouse Store and is set up to be used over five days.  

As the series name suggests, I was able to download, print and go.   It was as simple as placing an order; there was no charge for shipping nor any waiting for the product to arrive at my door.  All the materials to teach my six-year-old about Australia were right there.  That’s a deal for any busy mom!  Using the links that were provided, I was immediately able to print a kangaroo coloring page and easily find the distance from our home to Sydney, Australia.  

As I mentioned, Expedition Australia is written for use in grades K – 4th; however, I found it simple to include my younger children (pre-kindergarten ages) in the study with us.  While they were not involved with the writing aspects of the study, they did enjoy learning common Australian words and, of course, coloring and drawing pictures as they listened.  The children were eager to jump in an color their own picture of a kangaroo and to find and circle pictures of “lollies”!  They were just as interested to look at pictures of and listen to facts about such unique animals: the Tasmanian Devil, the dingo and the wallaby.  

 The section on the continents and the worksheet to record time and temperature in our town and in Sydney or Canberra was an especially helpful way to expand my son’s understanding of the world.  When he commented to me the time it was in Sydney, Australia days after we had finished the study, I knew he had truly learned from this inexpensive and convenient study of Australia.  

Throughout the e-book are projects such as mini-books that can be created and then compiled into a lapbook; in addition, there is a list of links to online resources that show how-to create a lapbook.  In our home we enjoyed making the mini-books but did not actually put them into a lapbook. 

Overall, I am most impressed by the ease of use and wide range of activities and links to resources this study offered our family.  As a homeschooling mom of four, this resource was well worth our time and I would suggest to my friends that it is $ 7.95 well spent.


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