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TOS Review: Travel Kits E-book

 Embarking on the TOS Homeschool Crew for the first time, I’m pleased to tell you about the E-book Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others published by The Old Schoolhouse, written by Donna Rees.

Gift-giving is a universal way to show kindness, but the most memorable gifts are ones that are intentional and personal. This book is inspiration for the non-creative individual who wants to bless another with a personalized gift. A Travel Kit is similar to a gift basket, but specifically for travelers and, therefore, this book suggests more practical containers and appropriate gifts. 

Some suggestions are for kits tailored towards: young children, older children, parents and grandparents. One Travel Kit idea is for a family with children who are heading towards a vacation on the coast. Gifts in this kit could be an inflatable beach ball or tube, sunblock, a shovel and pail, a water bottle, and a map.

My favorite is the travel kit for Grandma and Grandpa which suggests including notes and drawings from the grandchildren, photographs of the grandchildren, poems written by and homemade treats made by the same dear little ones. I like these gifts because they involve each child right where they are in development, teaching them the joy of simply giving, and they make the grandparent’s visit and journey that much more memorable.

Throughout the 91 pages of this E-book are colorful pictures of compiled kits and links to travel-related websites. The Bonus Features section includes: tips about meals and snacks (with recipes), preparing your vehicle for the trip, tips from fellow travelers and a list of recommended books for children listed by age.  Many of the ideas in this kit will be a useful “gift” to my own family (and my own mental well-being) as we spend a good deal of time traveling to and from visits with family and friends, church and other weekly meetings.  

Reading this e-book has inspired me to become more creative in my gift-giving. I am not, often, a creative gifter.  Thankfully, this book contains numerous ideas for assembling thoughtful, creative gifts.  I’m excited to begin putting together gifts that will truly bless others. 

This E-book sells for $12.45 and can be purchased at the TOS website.  

I was given a copy of this E-book in exchange for my review. No other compensation has been given.


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  1. I’m visiting from the crew. I really enjoyed your review. I hop you’re having a nice weekend.

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