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TOS Review: Salem Ridge Press

Two of my loves meet often in dusty pages.  They are not all that unique to me – History and Books – but both are to whom I would spend all my time with if I had no other responsibilities or relationships in life.  In my youth, my favorite series of books were historical fiction.  I remember fondly the books I spent hours with.  Sometimes I felt I truly had experienced history, if that were possible, through reading those books.

Salem Ridge Press is a company that specializes in republishing books from the 1800 and 1900’s.  The books are edited in an effort to keep them “wholesome ‘living books’ for the whole family”.  On their website, one can search their wide selection by name of author, age range, title or time period and location.  The books run between $ 10.95 and $ 22.95 in soft and hard cover editions.

The package I eagerly opened was a book from Salem Ridge Press: “Soldier Fritz and The Enemies He Fought” by Emma Leslie.  By the title alone, it interested my seven-year-old son.  Given the time period in which the book was written, 1871, the author’s style took some getting used to, but that’s barely worth mentioning.  I was very pleased that Salem Ridge included definitions for uncommon words at the bottom of the page.  For instance, the clothing item called a “jerkin” is not common place today and without the included definition, I would not have known it is a short, close-fitting, sleeveless jacket.

The story, overall, taught very clear lessons in fighting the enemies of pride and anger,  as well as living selflessly.  The book is set in Germany during the Reformation.  It seriously explores the cost of reading the Bible to learn God’s ways, turning from the tradition of the powerful, authoritarian church.  This book is geared for 8 year olds and older.  My seven-year-old seemed to understand most of it as the main themes were repeated several times throughout the book.

I am pleased to learn about this company that publishes a great product.  They certainly meet a need for quality period literature for children and families.  I hope to continue adding books from Salem Ridge Press to our library.

Disclaimer:  I was given a copy of this book and two e-books in exchange for my review.  Further reviews are forthcoming.


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