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TOS Review: Schleich figures

One summer afternoon, I received a package.  On this day, every child in our home was in need of a little something to encourage their cooperation and I was missing that component.  This package from Schleich had arrived right on time.

Schleich is a company I was somewhat familiar with prior to this review.  Every time we visit a certain craft store, my children spot one or more small animal figures they would like to have.  So you can see why receiving a box full of these beautifully crafted animal figures was a thrill for all of us.  As I handed out one animal at a time, the kids immediately began doing what kids do best.  They played.  For a long time their animals stampeded, fought each other and talked to each other.  Eventually we looked through the catalog included in the box to find the name of each animal we had received.  The animals are each very detailed and, except for size, are very life-like.

These animal figures are sure to please and would make a great Christmas present or birthday gift.  Check out their selection.  Schleich has a wide assortment of figures to choose from – along with wild life, there are farm animals, dinosaurs, domestic animals, knights, American indians and more.

Prices vary as Schleich figures can be found at a wide range of retail locations.  Amazon, FAO Schwarz, Toys R Us carry these darling figures.

Disclaimer:  I received these products for review purposes.


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