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TOS Review: Talking Fingers, Inc


I really appreciate the recent opportunity our family was given to try out and review this typing program as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew.  Talking Fingers, Inc is an online program that sells for $35 for a 5 year subscription per student.  The character named Vexor or the Blobfather, as my son called him, is the antagonist intended to motivate the student.  He has stolen the letters from their “homes” or keys and the child must correctly type a letter repeatedly to restore the letter to its home.

Check out a demo of the program at Talking Fingers to see if it’s a good fit for your family.

Our Experience

Overall, my 7-year old son and 5-year old daughter enjoyed using this typing program.  My son is a willing reader and enjoyed getting to type his own stories later into the program.  My daughter is a beginning reader so the reading in this program is a great review for her.  A highlight of the program for both children is the certificate they earned each time they learned to type four letters.  We proudly hung them on the refrigerator door.  As of today, my son is able to use his fingers to type the correct keys (he has learned so far) whereas, my daughter is now more aware of the keys but has not yet moved beyond “hunt and peck”.

Nearly every day, my son and daughter beg to use Talking Fingers.  It can be a challenge to determine if their interest is due to the novelty of “playing” on the computer or a reaction to the program.  A few days into using this program, I looked over to see my son’s face in a frown and his lower lip poised to cry.  Then I heard the nasty voice of Vexor comment, “You’ll never be able to do this” or some similar remark.  I quickly countered what the character said and told him I knew he could do it and he had already been doing so well.  It’s really a shame that the program doesn’t have a nicer character to motivate the student.  I am certain this story line would be just as effective if the antagonist wasn’t as negative when speaking directly to the child.  I was so saddened to see my son’s expression that I would not choose to use this program in our family.

In summary, I am pleased that my son has been learning to keyboard, but I will have to continue looking to find the right program for our family.  



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