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TOS Review: Nanuq, My Animal Family

This month I’m pleased to review the book Nanuq: A Polar Bear’s Story which is part of the My Animal Family collection.  Other books available in this series tell the story about a baby lion (Leo), a baby chimpanzee (Korow) and a baby elephant (Ella).  Included with each hardback book is a live-action DVD with wildlife footage.  It has been edited for younger viewers and gives children a look at how animals survive in the wild.  You also receive the official My Animal Family (MAF) Kids Club membership card.  The card has a password that will allow you and your family to use the My Animal Family website which contains related games and activities.


My children liked looking at the pictures and hearing the story of the baby polar bear, Nanuq.  Nanuq and his brother, Suka, learn to hunt and generally have fun like only a polar bear can.  The story’s simplicity makes it geared towards younger children as factual information was not included, to my seven-year-old’s surprise.  These days he reads to gather information, and this is where the DVD came in handy!  Fun and informative, the DVD makes this book a terrific gift idea for any child between 3 and 9 years old.


Nanuq is a cute book with colorful artwork and a bonus DVD.  The book alone would make a nice gift for a young child but the DVD footage will capture even the interest of an older child.  This book sells for 12.99.  It and other titles may be purchased at My Animal Family.


I was given this book for review purposes only.  I received no other compensation.


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